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You can read our Bibles online in the following languages;

Ateso, Dhophadhola,Luganda, Acholi, Lumasaaba Runyoro/Rutooro,Lango, LusogaRunyankore-Rukiga, Lunyole , Aringa,Lusaamia

View, select, order and pay for a Ugandan Bible on our online shop using your credit card or pay directly to our bank or pay cash on delivery to receive your order.

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There are over 1600 Jesus Films available and among these are several of Ugandan Language Jesus Films.

Watch Jesus Film in Luganda, Lumasaaba,Ateso, Runyakore, Kupsapiiny,Acholi, Lango, Lunyole

Select and download from a variety of Reading plans customized to various needs from a few days plans to 366 year round reading plans.


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