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Handwritten Bible instructions.
1. Click on “Handwritten Bible overview to get the bigger picture” and proceed to select an available verse from the list.
2. Click on write or sponsor someone to write.
3. Proceed to fill in your payment details.
4. After your payment is confirmed, we shall send you details on how to write your verse.
5. If you are not in position to write but still want to participate, we shall still give you instructions on what to do.
6. If you are sponsoring someone else to write, please fill their details together with yours,
under the order notes, fill in the names of the people you are sponsoring to write and their contacts. Then select Donate only. Your donation should match the number of people that you are sponsoring. 1 verse is written for $30.
Then select pay now.

If you need further help, contact us at

Proceed to pay for  a verse or sponsor someone to write