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Jesus Film in Luganda

Jesus Film in Luganda

The Jesus Film in Luganda is an introduction to Jesus through the Gospel of Luke translated into Luganda language.This is meant to help it’s speakers to understand the story in their own language. Get to know if the great sacrifice of Christ was indeed part of God’s plan. Here you will get to see how the teachings and miracles that Jesus performed affect people. Below you can also watch the Story of Jesus targeted for children and one made specifically for women.

The Story of Jesus for Children in Luganda

This film is made to help the kids to learn about the story of Jesus.In the film, they will get to see some of miracles that Jesus performed.They will also get to know some of the things that Jesus teaches and get to understand what Jesus really means to them and to humanity.

Magdalena, a Story of Jesus for Ladies in Luganda

Magdalena, is a Jesus film made with women at heart. The film shares the love of God and the gospel of Jesus, by appealing mostly to women’s hearts at a deeper level. Watch the Luganda translation of the Magdalena movie below and share it with all the ladies in your community with the hope that it will transform their lives like it did for Mary.

Visit The Jesus Film Project for more Jesus Films.You can also read the Luganda Bible online or download a Luganda Bible Reading plan to help you read through the Luganda Bible in 365 days.