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About the Rukiga language

Rukiga, also known as Bachiga, Bahororo, Bakiga, Ciga, Kiga, Nkore, Nkore-Kiga, Oluchiga, Orukiga, Rukiga or Runyankore-Rukiga, is a language of Uganda.

It has over 2,300,000 users in Kibaale district: extreme southwest, Kabale, Rukungiri, Kanungu, north Kisoro, and Ntungamo districts.

Dialects of Chiga include; RuNyaifwe-Hororo, RuSigi, RuNyangyezi, RuHimba and is 72% intelligible with Nyankore. It also has substantial Lexical similarity: with Nyankore, Nyoro, Zinza, Nyambo, Haya, Tooro, Kerewe.

Chiga is taught in primary and secondary schools, as a subject and is also available in Literature. Standardized form of the western varieties (Nyankore-Chiga and Nyoro-Tooro) is called Runyakitara. It is taught at the University and used in internet browsing, but is a hybrid language.

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