Bible Reading Plans

With good Bible Reading Plans, it is possible to read the entire Bible in one year or less. Here you will find several Bible  guides to take you through that process. Please download as many as you can and follow the guides as you prayerfully internalize the word of God this year. We also have guides in Ugandan languages. You can download reading plans in Luganda and Runyankore/Rukiga languages for readers who prefer to read the Luganda and Runyakore Bibles. You can contact us to get guides in other Ugandan languages.

Other Reading Plans

Luganda Bible Reading Plan

Runyakore/Rukiga Bible Reading Plan

Download more Bible Reading Plans from the list below

  1. M’Cheyne One-Year (365 days)
  2. Daily Light on the Daily Path (366 days)
  3. 6-Month New Testament (182 days)
  4. A Psalm a Day (150 days)
  5. A Proverb a Day (24 days)
  6. 30 Days in the New Testament (30 days)
  7. ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible (30 days)

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A world in crisis

With many people around the world experiencing trials and tribulations during COVID-19 , we all need uplifting during hard times. Find Bible reading plans to help you through the trying times here